Paradox du Jour


This picture was taken two years ago, but I happen to be wearing the exact same shade on my toes today. It ain’t summer for Treli ’til I’ve got a grape soda pedi and a pet butterfly.

I’m an excellent bullshitter.  I got myself not one, but TWO separate architecture jobs after graduating with a mere Bachelor of Arts and a dismal GPA from my architecture-major days.  I’m good at BS-ing not only to those for whom I need to put on a show of “respectability” (i.e., to my family, re: having an office job), but, more dangerously, to myself, for allowing myself to actually at times subscribe to these ideas when I am not careful.

There is a reason God made me who and how I am–how I cannot seem to take 9-to-5 for more than two weeks at a time; whereas conversely, I seem to vastly improve my bad habits while working at a job where I have neither intellectual fronts to put up nor real career goals to attain.

Why S/He/It limits me in funds without forsaking me.  Why He limits me via my basic human need for sleep at times, while at other times (such as now) challenges me by keeping me awake when reason tells me I should be sleeping.

I am an excellent bullshitter, yes.  But I am the most goddamn honest bullshitter you’ll ever meet.


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