God is freedom god is truth god is power god is proof

It’s a funny thing but lately I’ve had a lot of reasons to think about god.

 God is on the cell phone god is on the net, god is in the warning god is in the threat

The person I love is at once a staunch atheist and a highly spiritual Maya shaman.

I am ***** incorporated.

I am also a “lost fucking lamb” who gets saved from obscene tickets that were perhaps given just to afford the wolf an opportunity to pounce.

I am basalt from lava.  I am hard travertine that stains and dissolves when one spills their soda on the polished temple looking floor.

God is in my fingers god is in my head god is in the trigger, god is in the lead

I got a halo “round my head.

The very people who love me for my innocence are the same ones who try their utmost to destroy it.

Love always seems so destructive, but does destruction not breed creation?

“Nothing like a good war to jump-start the economy!”


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